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Things to know before hiring a child custody lawyer

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Things to know before hiring a child custody lawyer

Divorce is a complicated and emotionally taxing process. Child custody, in particular, can be the most challenging aspect for many couples with kids. That’s why choosing and hiring a child custody lawyer with the necessary expertise is essential. Some may believe that hiring a general practice attorney is sufficient, but as the proceedings become complex, having an expert can ensure a fair visitation agreement. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a child custody lawyer.

When to hire a child custody attorney?
There are several reasons to look into when hiring a child custody lawyer.

  • Complex and unpleasant divorce circumstances
    Divorces are often initiated under unpleasant circumstances. For example, partners may have a falling out, leading to messy divorce proceedings. Additionally, when children are involved, the proceedings can become quite complex. In such cases, it may be necessary to hire a child custody lawyer to ensure that one can still maintain a relationship with children. It is advisable to engage a lawyer immediately when any negative signs are observed from the other party, such as uncooperative or unhelpful behavior.
  • A child might be at risk
    If a parent suspects that their child is in danger while in the company of the other parent, it is crucial to involve a child custody lawyer immediately. The right legal assistance will help to ensure that the child is protected from the harmful situation as soon as possible. A lawyer will assess the situation and ensure that the child is placed under the right care. Moreover, an attorney with expertise in child custody will ensure that the parent has legal rights to fight against the partner who is creating an unsafe environment for the child. 
  • Visitation rights are not being respected
    Divorce proceedings can quickly become complicated and messy. This is especially true when both partners have ended their marriage on bad terms. In such cases, one partner may deny the other their legal right to visitation, particularly if there are children involved. When this happens, it is advisable to hire a child custody lawyer who can help defend the case. The lawyer will ensure that the parent is given their rightful visitation periods to see their child. Additionally, the lawyer will use the denial of visitation as evidence against the other partner during the final custody judgment proceedings.
  • Both partners reside in different states
    When both partners reside in different states, sharing the responsibility of a child can be challenging, making custody agreements even more complicated. This situation is mostly experienced when custody laws differ in each state. If both parents are struggling to establish visitation rights, consulting a child custody lawyer can help take care of the legalities of the custody.

Fees of a child custody lawyer
Choosing the right child custody lawyer can be challenging, especially when one has to consider the financial aspects of hiring one. Generally, lawyers charge their fees on an hourly basis, which can range from about $100 to over $450 for their consultation and assistance. On average, one can expect to incur costs ranging between $1200 and $4500.

The cost of resolving a child custody dispute depends on various factors, such as the type of dispute and whether third-party expertise is required. Additionally, the location of the lawyer’s office, their experience, and the complexity of the case are all factors that contribute to the overall cost. In some cases, if the dispute is straightforward and well-defined, the lawyer may charge a flat fee. Such cases are usually uncontested child custody cases or divorce proceedings.

Tips to hire a good lawyer for child custody proceedings
Here are some tips that may help one hire the right child custody lawyer.

  • Look out for reviews
    Finding the right lawyer for child custody cases can be easier if one knows someone who has been through a similar experience before. Previous clients are an excellent source of information for getting the right reviews about working with a particular lawyer. One can ask them about their experience and whether they were satisfied with the outcome of the case.
  • Look online forums
    Checking online reviews can also be helpful. One can go through social media and online forums to access a lawyer’s credibility and track record.
  • Check credentials
    Check whether the lawyer is board certified and has the license to practice family law in the state one resides. Also, it is important to ensure that the lawyer is associated with industry organization.
  • Compare services and costs
    Do not hire the first lawyer who has been consulted. Shortlist a few attorneys with expertise in child custody and compare the services and fees they offer. This can help determine which lawyer is the best fit for the case. This process will help ensure that one has the best possible representation and increase the chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

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