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Top 10 construction estimating software solutions

Top 10 construction estimating software solutions

A construction estimate software is a tool used by contractors to estimate the construction cost of a particular project. The total cost assessed includes the direct and indirect costs required for the completion of the construction project. This process is quite complex and can consume a lot of time if done manually. With the advent of technology, specific software solutions are designed for cost estimation.

Let’s look at some of the best and most popular construction estimating software in the market:

ProEst is one of the top software companies that provide the best construction estimate solutions. Since 1976, the company has helped construction companies with cost estimation processes. ProEst offers cloud-based cost estimating solutions that allow a company or contractor to create and win competitive bids without wasting time. Besides, the software also enables you to create proposals and overlooks customer relationship management. Due to the flexibility of this user-friendly software, ProEst is suitable for general contractors as well as subcontractors.

Clear Estimates
Clear Estimates is a simple and efficient construction estimating software that is ideal for subcontractors who are looking for a way to create proposals and estimates quickly. Since this software is relatively inexpensive compared to several other software solutions in the market, it works best for small construction businesses that need help within their budgets. Clear Estimates has access to RemodelMAX, a platform that provides localized pricing information from data collected across the country.

Sage Estimating
Sage Estimating is a cloud-based construction estimating software that has the ability to integrate with other products in the Sage Business Cloud. The software offers one of the most advanced pre-construction bidding solutions and ensures that the cost estimation is completed quickly. This software includes several key features like pre-populated cost databases, cost forecasting, among others.

Estimate Wanhive
ESTIMATE is a construction estimating software by a company called Wanhive. It is released under the GNU Affero General Public License and is available free of charge for anyone who wishes to make use of it. Since this software is a community-supported program, the source code is provided, and the software can be customized as per the user’s requirements. It offers simple estimating features such as cost sheet creation, evaluation of quotations provided by the subcontractor and vendor. It is easy to use since it is a web-based interface.

eTakeoff Dimension
eTakeoff Dimension is a free cost estimating software that helps a contractor or a subcontractor estimate the costs of all the raw material and the cost of labor for a particular construction project. It also allows the user to take digital measurements with the help of extensions. The software easily integrates with Microsoft Excel, which makes it convenient to collect all the data needed for cost estimation. eTakeoff also offers a paid software that provides additional features.

Stack is a free takeoff and estimating software that offers cloud-based solutions for your cost estimation needs. The software includes a suite of prebuilt template reports and databases containing commonly required materials, equipment, and labor. It also allows you to take measurements of the site using certain tools available in the software. The software is easy to use and offers unlimited training and support, which is great for first-time takeoff users.

Methvin Estimating is yet another construction estimator that is specifically designed for civil and general contractors and builders. It allows for easy submission and assessment of all data and documents to compare the prices and generate cost estimates. It uses calculation worksheets to derive these cost estimates and features a JavaScript function that helps create estimates and propagate data from one worksheet to another. Methvin also allows the users to take measurements of site drawings and layouts. Multiple team members can collaborate on a single project, and the takeoff report can be exported as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

This estimating software can work the best for those working in the electrical, solar, security, and fire alarm sectors. The software offers advanced estimating features and uses Smart System™ Technology that incorporates any changes in orders. One of the most prominent features of IntelliBid is its Industry Smart Database, which gives the user access to a large number of data points, including supplier pricing determined via IntelliBid’s NetPricer™ Service.

SmartBid by ConstructConnect
SmartBid is a construction bidding software designed to help general contractors estimate their overall costs and evaluate subcontractors’ bids. The software offers a private and secure platform that protects your data such that it is only available to those allowed. The Contact Database Management service provides access to up-to-date and verified contact information.

Easy-Pro Builders Estimator
Easy-Pro Builders Estimator is a free construction estimator available on Apache OpenOffice Calc. It is an open-source program that allows you to make changes to the program if you have access to an in-house development team. The software features different tax rates depending on the country you are operating from. It comes with a set of trade worksheet templates that can be modified and used as per your requirements.

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